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The following training materials were created in REDCap surveys for an immersive learning experience.

Project Design
DM Training  Description 
E-Consent Framework Setup  Learn how to use the e-Consent Framework to electronically consent participants using REDCap.
E-Consenting in a separate project: Demo  Learn what a typical design for e-consent projects looks like in which e-consent takes places in one project, and the research data is collected in another.
Field Embedding  Learn how to customize surveys and data collection instruments specifically reposition fields on a form, so they are embedded as a grid/table/group for a more compact user-friendly page. 
Randomization  Learn how to randomize subjects/records in a project. This must be enabled while the project is in Development. 
Gift Card Survey  Learn how to link two surveys from different projects together in the context of sending gift card surveys to your participants. 
REDCap Mobile App  Learn how to collect data offline using the REDCap Mobile App. 
Automated Survey Invitations (ASI)  Learn how  to automatically send survey invitations and reminders to participants when specific conditions are met.
Data Import Tool  Learn how to import data from a spreadsheet directly into your REDCap project using the Data Import Tool.
Multi-Language Management  Learn how to enable participants to select their preferred language when completing surveys.
Data Management
DM Training  Description 
Data Resolution Workflow  Learn how to document the process of resolving issues with project data with Data Resolution Workflow.
Data Quality Module  Learn how to check for missing data, data in the wrong format, data in hidden fields, among other errors with Data Quality Module.
Record Locking  Learn how to lock forms and records once data is filled out so that only those authorized can make any changes.
Record Level Deletion Options  Learn how to remove all data values from the logs when a record is deleted. This option is only visible to users with the rights to delete records and only when deleting a record as a whole.
Project Management
DM Training  Description 
Data Access Groups Learn how to manage multi-site or multi-group project that requires that one group is not able to access another group's data using Data Access Groups.
Logging  Learn how to automatically keep a log of all changes in a project.
User Rights  Learn how to grant users access to a REDCap project, and how to manage the rights/permissions of those users. 
DM Training  Description 
REDCap LTS 12.4 New Features  Learn more about the new and improved features in REDCap v12.4.

DM Training Videos
Training Videos  Description 
Introduction to Power BI Workshop (60 min)  This introductory workshop provides an overview of Power BI, as well as a demo for creating and sharing a dashboard in Power BI.

  1. Install Power BI Desktop on your computer (see instructions for Windows and Mac (coming soon) users)
  2. Download the starter file to your computer

Other Resources
DM Training  Description 
Using UBC Power BI report server with a non-UBC computer  Learn how to add a windows credential to connect to the Power BI report server from a non-UBC computer.
Microsoft Documentation (external links)
Topic  Description 
Getting Started with PowerBI  Get an overview of the process of importing data and creating a report in PowerBI.
Connecting to Data Sources  Learn how to connect your report to data sources such as Excel workbooks, SharePoint lists, and Oracle databases.
Shaping Data  Learn how to clean and combine data using the Power Query Editor.
PowerBI Visuals  Learn more about the different types of visuals available in PowerBI.
Calculated Columns  Discover how to add calculated columns to create more customized reports.
Create Relationships Between Datasets  Learn how to link tables using the Model View in PowerBI.

More training materials on their way!

DM Training  Description 
Accessing ResTech Tools with a CWL  Learn more about guidelines for the requirements and procedures when accessing ResTech tools with a Campus-Wide Login (CWL).