Collect, store, track, and share biospecimen information 

Biobanking with OpenSpecimen

OpenSpecimen is a biobanking platform used to collect, process, store, and share biospecimen, patient, consent, and inventory information.

A biobank is a collection of human biological samples, such as bodily fluid or tissue, and related health information. Biobanks have become invaluable in supporting the ecosystem of research that aims to further our understanding of health and disease.

What can I use it for?

  • Biobank for a single research project 
  • Multi-tenant projects with controlled access to different parts of the database 
  • Major repository biobank with catalogue from which samples are distributed on request 
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CostFree for faculty, staff, and students associated with the Faculty of Medicine
PrivacyVerified by UBC’s Privacy Impact Assessment process.
  • Create a streamlined data entry flow that works for your team
  • Build and customize data collection instruments for specimens and participants
  • Manage specimens using inventory tools
  • Track shipment and receipt of samples
  • Create custom reports
  • Intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Integrates with REDCap and labelling software
  • CFR Part-11 compliant

Advanced Services Offered:

In progress

Training Materials

DM Training  Description 
Requesting Samples  Learn how to request specimens from a catalog.
Processing Requests  Learn how to review and distribute specimens from catalog requests.

More training materials on their way!

Where can I get more support with OpenSpecimen?

  • To learn more about OpenSpecimen, visit their website.
  • The Data Management team provides virtual consultation, online training resources, and workshops for Open Specimen.
  • Contact us for further assistance.

For OpenSpecimen requests, please complete the OpenSpecimen request form or contact us.