Data Storage and Collaboration Tools

Explore various secure and flexible data storage and collaboration options 


MS Teams and Microsoft OneDrive are offered by UBC for data storage and collaboration. Both tools offer a robust, secure, and flexible data storage option with extensive collaboration features including instant messaging, video conferencing, and online meetings while simultaneously working together on a document in real-time. Research data can be stored safely and securely on Microsoft OneDrive and MS Teams.

Features include:

  • The ability to store up to 1TB of data on a UBC OneDrive and up to 25TBs of data on MS Teams 
  • Easy sharing of files with members inside and outside of your research team 
  • Real time collaboration on documents and files with members of your research team 
  • Permissions and access settings at folder or file level 
  • Instant messaging with research team members for quick and effective communication
  • One-click video conferencing built into the MS Teams client
  • The ability to make private channels within the MS Teams for specific team members to restrict visibility of files and content within the team channel
  • Extensive file versioning allows for researchers to see a documents evolution over time and revert back to previous versions easily 
  • Both UBC OneDrive and MS Teams work across platforms and allow for collaboration amongst Windows, macOS, Linus, iOS, and Android

Possible uses include:

  • A research team spread across multiple academic institutions can use MS Teams to collaborate in real-time on manuscripts, presentations, and posters.
  • OneDrive files can be securely shared between collaborators working in different geographical regions.
  • MS Teams can manage research projects with various levels of access, including private channels for specific team members to work together, and standard channels that are open to all team members.
  • Using the OneDrive app, teams have instance access anywhere with an internet connection to both your UBC OneDrive and MS Teams files. 

For FoM Research Community members outside of UBC:

  • FoM Research Community members outside of UBC can join and collaborate on a UBC MS Team as a guest. To join as a guest you must have a Microsoft account.
  • For users who cannot load the MS Teams desktop client on your computer, such as researchers working on Health Authority managed devices, you can access MS Teams on the web at

Support and Training: